A correctly designed and installed irrigation system for your nursery, greenhouse, or place of business will help create a more efficient work environment. An automated system to water your product will save you the time and hassle of doing it by hand, allowing you and your employees to concentrate on other aspects of your business. Williams Irrigation Systems has experience installing a variety of systems for nurseries and greenhouses. Recognizing that each business is unique, we find it essential to work closely with you to best accommodate the needs of your particular work space and environment.

View the slide show to the left and see an example of the techniques we applied to fit the need of one of our customers. This nursery had an outdoor holding area where the arrangement of the plants was to be fluid. Prior to our installation employees would move around hoses connected to impact sprinklers. They found they were wasting a lot of water and the water was not being distributed to their liking. They were constantly having to crowd plants and trees into areas in an attempt to decrease water waste. This practice made it difficult for them to properly tend to each plant.

Considering the needs of this nursery we designed an easy to adjust yet durable system. We installed sturdy PVC zone lines to prevent issues with tugging, and easy to maintain micro lines leading to the plant to allow flexibility. The emitter stakes at the end of each micro line can be individually adjusted and completely turned off when not needed. These are just a few features that help to make customization of your fluid work environment simple and less crowded.